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Welcome to Real Talk: An introduction

Meet Dr. Alicia Mikolaycik Kurtz, an emergency physician and the host of Real Talk, as she explains the background and premise of our podcast.

Welcome to Real Talk: the TL;DR version

For listeners working in healthcare and already well versed in burnout, compassion fatigue, and provider wellness, this shortened "too long, didn't read" intro to our podcast is just for you! Meet Dr. Alicia Mikolaycik Kurtz, an emergency physician and the host of Real Talk, as she *briefly* explains the background and premise of our podcast.

Yafa's Story: The internal struggle of Dr. Mom

Dr. Yafa Minazad shares her struggle as a physician mother of two.

Steve's Story: Skydiving & patients that hit home

Dr. Steve Zahn relates the rollercoaster of emotions while skydiving to a personal life experience and a patient he'll never forget.

Jayne’s Story: When all signs point to medicine

Jayne Cook, PA recounts how the universe led her to an inspiration... by accident.

Ian's Story: A room with a view

Dr. Ian Butler remembers a lesson he learned from a city skyline and a parking garage.

Ian's Story - Bonus Material: Guitar, a green tea latte, & other memories from the ICU

Dr. Ian Butler shares some extra insights learned from life as a patient on the Oncology ward.

Steve's Story: Fighting for Kayce

Bonus release to celebrate the annual ACEP Scientific Assembly, ACEP leader Dr. Steve Anderson shares the raw and moving story of his source of inspiration in working to fight the opioid epidemic.

Julie's Story: Mama Bear vs. Doctor Brain

Dr. Julie Watkins-Torry pits the unwavering love of a mother against sobering scientific reality when the worst thing that can happen, does.

Hannah's Story: Making the change together

Dr. Hannah Knox recalls the fear of entering physical transition, and the doctor that was there for her. (And some friends share things they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving!)

Karla's Story: She’s got “the look”

Karla Fleming, RN, reflects on an early lesson from nursing school that had nothing to do with textbooks.

Pha's Story: Freeing ‘Ket’

Dr. Pha Le’s father risked his life to give Pha a gift that would change him forever.

Real Talk with Aunt Mary: Looking back on a career in nursing

After retiring from a 44-year career in nursing, Alicia's Aunt Mary Mikolaycik shares some memories, insights, and a few laughs as she looks back on her time working in healthcare.

Lisa's Story: The problem with women in medicine

Dr. Lisa Mills remembers an early, sobering encounter with reality.

David's Story: Husband, Father, Doctor… Defendant?!

Dr. David Lee survived being sued, and cherishes what got him through it.

Lori's Story: In sickness & in health

Dr. Lori Winston lived her vows after a stroke of bad luck turned her world inside out.

Anna's Story: When it’s not ‘just gas’

Anna Heilig-Adams, PA reflects on a journey with belly pain that brought her life full circle.

RealTalk LSU New Orleans: We need more than yoga (...but yoga's ok too)

Dr. Jennifer Oswald, chief resident at LSU New Orleans Emergency Medicine residency program, brings a RealTalk-like program to life in her residency, and confirms that doing yoga is indeed not enough to solve the problem of physician wellness.

RealTalk LSU New Orleans – Beau's Story: The things we carry

LSU New Orleans resident Dr. Beau Saccoccia reflects on the dark realities of our work juxtaposed with life at home

Real Talk: COVID-19 Edition. What you REALLY need to know (as of 3/24/20!)

Our host, Alicia Mikolaycik Kurtz MD, breaks through the static out there and shares some practical advice about COVID-19 and what you need to do to keep yourself and your family safe.

Real Talk LSU New Orleans – Elise’s Story: You think *you* had a bad day?

LSU New Orleans emergency medicine resident Dr. Elise Milani contrasts the perceptions of her sister and herself on one particularly bad day.

Mike's Story: Love in the time of COVID

Dr. Mike Casner contemplates the reality of “bringing work home” while working on the front lines of COVID19

Omar's Story: This isn't what I trained for

Dr. Omar Maniya unpacks his experience caring for patients during the peak of COVID19 in New York City, and identifies the less obvious things that will stick with him for years to come.

Unpacking Omar's Story: This isn't what *any* of us trained for.

Omar’s story of caring for patients during COVID19 “peak week” in NYC leaves other Emergency Medicine Residents' Association (EMRA) leaders reflecting on their own uncertainties during this strange time.

Vanessa's Story: When it rains, it pours

Dr. Vanessa Calderon remembers when something *other* than COVID19 was testing our personal wellness as providers. But first, we take a beat to challenge the growing population of keyboard warriors.

Vanessa's Story - Bonus Material: 4x4 Breathing, a Resiliency Course, & other wellness tips that aren't yoga

In Vanessa's Story, Dr. Calderon shared her personal story of burnout and resiliency. In this bonus feature, Vanessa shares more about the Vituity Resiliency Course, and we discuss other specific resources available for providers to combat burnout and compassion fatigue.

Real Talk LSU New Orleans – Nick's Story: The four-year cryogenic sleep

LSU New Orleans resident Dr. Nicholas Salerno illustrates how residency is, in some ways, like entering a four-year cryogenic sleep, while the world goes on and on... without you.

Andres’ Story: That foul feeling when prejudice strikes

Dr. Andres Anaya still feels the rage of injustice remembering discrimination against his deaf father.

Hartwell's Story: The apple fell straight down

Dr. Hartwell Lin explains how, try as he might, he ended up like his father after all.

Real Talk LSU New Orleans — Brianna’s Story: The people who matter most

LSU New Orleans resident Dr. Brianna Wapples realizes that while losing the people she loved the most, she was gaining a new family.

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